The Bible stands as one of the most important literary collections in history. Religions and cultures have risen and fallen on the strength of its pages. Millions have pledged their lives to it without even needing to read it. It’s just that neat.

Biblenauts is a comic about two kids trapped in the Bible. Together with their quirky guide, they’ll witness the adventures of the story of Israel. Experience the Bible in a way you never have before, unless you have already read the Bible, in which case the jokes are still pretty good.

Biblenauts is on hiatus.

NOTE: Biblenauts is an adaptation of stories found in the Bible. These stories may contain content such as attempted genocide, slavery, sexual violence, gendered violence, cartoon violence, cartoon nudity, and millenia-old cuss words. Parental guidance is strongly recommended. Readers with emotional or mental triggers should exercise caution. The views and opinions expressed in this comic strip do not necessarily reflect the opinions of God or his affiliates.

The Characters
Your tour guide, narrator, and sentient clod of mud. Gabriel Godbot, Gentleman Golem, at your service.
She’s not sure what she thinks of this God character, and wonders if the whole “universe” thing was a good idea. Just, you know, as a concept.
She wants you to know that Jesus loves you very much, and that she’ll try not to die in an ancient war so Basie can get home by six.
The Author
TYLER LOLONG has the Bible in his bones. The stories of Ancient Israel were the first stories he ever learned and have remained his favorite stories to this day. He has cultivated this lifelong love of scripture and now wastes it making a comic strip. He lives in New York with his husband, Reynaldi.